Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a new begining

As most of you know by now,Raelene  has moved on and Estelle is the sole propritor of craftquarters now. Not much else has changed except for a few add on stafe.

 This smiley is Jill, she has been into quilting for about 10 years but has loved handstitching for much longer. All aspectso fo hand sewing excites her. Estelle and Jill  meet at the recent rawson retreat and instantly bonded. something about the same crazy sence of humour! She is the nicest person and would love for you to come meet her and say hello. Lets make her feel welcome to our crafty family.
This lady with the antlers is Chris, well we could write a book on chris but we will only stick to craft. lol
Chris is a traditional hand quilter with 25plus years experience, so there isnt much you cant find out about from her!
she loves embrodery and needle turn just to name a few.
Apparently Estelle offered her a seat 12 years ago when she had a brokenlet and they have been firm friends ever since.
So if you havnt already come in share a cuppa and get to know the girls, they will inspire you.